The New Renaissance

I've just encountered a term that encapsulates my preoccupation as our current city renaissance. Young people and their young families ARE the most recent and widespread movement that is a rush to the capitals and metropolis's of our colonisation's. But for what?Are we moving just for the sake of not standing still? The cities themselves are vibrating kaleidoscopes, buzzing with young hot intensity, just trying to facilitate the change asked from them. Its bellies are pregnant with its peoples want to breed ideas, new ways of being. This child now kicks and screams, everyday less tamed by a once political correctness to just keep quiet. Its infrastructure gets dragged along behind it, pulled every which way to evolve, to diversify, to cater for everyone, from everywhere. Some find it's population flailing messes, a thrashing teenager its unable to contain and their activity migrates and emotional skyline changes from jagged intriguing horizons to stable surfaces again. Some other cities keep up with their willingness to change with the masses, they are only as old as they feel. The oldies, in mind or body, get pushed to the outskirts, stubborn to the change. We are now a generation raised on privilege from a generation raised on happy-just-to-get-by. Our excited, over-stimulated minds and caffeine, sugar riddled bodies race to the eye of their storms in a culture-centric gold rush. We are driven by capitalism but fuelled by an innate human creativity we still cant price tag the source of. We've long lost track of root connections or real time associations but discover their importance the long way around, a second hand hearing that they could be important to us, they could help us get ahead. With handfuls of fear we intellectualize these close up connections from arms length until we know that's the real city we craved for the day we decided to move there. The real-ness of experience that removes any distinction between a park bench and a roller-coaster, it is what you make it. Isn't it exhilarating to think we are part of a change we will one day place our finger on a timeline and trace the outline of? From the present moment you can't grasp that final feeling of having forged a new pathway but you can relish every unfolding of its discovery. To know the change is occurring underneath us, regardless of our stance in it. What will be the artefacts it leaves behind? Surely more than a million broken iPhone screens. An information undulation. Lets hope for an unprecedented connectivity of a more substantial sort to conquer our veiled foray into this now dis-connectivity. A hope at least for a lessening of our ignorance with our mounting diversity. A simple hope to soon have some courage look around instead of just down. Just hope.

#urban #city #evolution #lifestyle

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