Even in Noon sun, our shadows stretch sideways

Staring at us, curiously peering down

How many unanswered echos have we sent them

They who follow us around

as we tenderly tred the earth

as your shoulder holds my head

as you so graciously tend my heart

as you read to me in bed

Darker sides that hold our souls

Whilst we yearn to fly away

These mortal incarnations thus

bind our souls another stay

Twisting and turning shadows under you and I

So playful, push each other into light

As love is pain and pain is love

We forge to get each other right

Pay no attention as wounds mend, or our hearts lend

Holding hands, walk still with me and look ahead

Any matter, our shadows merge to one at night

So come and read to me in bed

#poetry #poem #soul #love #shadow #moon #subconscious #relationship

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