What is it about you that inspires me a bit.. so much.. entirely? You let me be all of my day dreaming self, a part unindulged, infact I kept locked away. A key I threw away once amongst the silt that filtered to the bottom of my being and after so long I was too scared to find out what was down there. Your familiar soul reminded me of the real in the untangible. You gifted me comfortable moments to tear away the gates to where my dreams lay, the unadulterated expressions of my entity. Bits of my personality lay there too, forgotten; a vulnerability, a potent intuition, an unexplainable electricity that surely lies in us all, that's barely controllable, only just knowable, and definately magic. It's a room full of my dreams that I forgot about as a little girl. I'm not afraid here. Inside are hopes that aren't silly though as grand as any hopes could possibly be. Its a room full of butterflies, a million colours that are breathing and flying and in their short life as beautiful and infinite as the hand span of the universe. Maybe we made this place. We lay one new dream at a time down like bricks and made kisses mortar. I've never had a place so close to being me and for this I'm grateful. I know this place is real now and every molecule of that silt to rise to the surface I feel blessed to know again, I relish the dirt that makes me. Like a dream state I don't live there but must return back to remember why I live at all, to you. To try forever at dissolving the edges and making those dreams a little bit more real. Undo me, let's laugh together. Ruin me happily. Expose me still and continue to naked me again. I'm yours.

#love #dreaming

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