Drishti, more than just navel gazing.

As we start to hone our yoga practice we become aware of the facet that is referred to as Drishti, translated as the Sanskrit Gaze. By this point you may have already noticed that the time between stepping on to the mat and settling into Savasana has been given to a state of flow, both physical and mental.

But how did we find this, and how can we take this into other areas of our life as well?

The Gaze, both internal and external, is a pivotal reason for this as it creates direction within a pose. What is any action without a sense of its direction? Without direction our energy can become scattered, lost in a myriad of thoughts within the space of the mat and inevitably less potent and less present.

  • In the fullness of Grounding Yoga Asana we look up for a sense of lift and lightness.

  • Whilst in Balancing poses we focus on something still to find that in ourselves as well.

  • In Twisting poses we extend the movement of the spine by completing the pose with our gaze ‘following it through’ or taking the gaze inward to eek out more space within the body as we breathe.

Quite simply..

‘Where our attention goes, our energy flows’

The Drishti is a beautiful metaphor for VISION. Whether we are active participants or not, our lives are always moving. For each one of us is a personal vision that is carrying us forward, though sometimes this inward vision and our outward direction do not match. By realizing where we are placing our energy and focus and bringing it back to that single pointedness (Dharana) within the present moment we can realize a vision, however great.

Just as we emphasize the importance of setting an intention for a yoga practice, maintaining the associated vision will be the force that weaves it through.

Where ever we place the light of our awareness (and therefore our energy) we magnify and grow. Just as when we start exploring the body of yoga teachings, we see there is an infinite amount to learn about. It is not the body of knowledge that has expanded but our awareness of it. With this in mind look to focus on the things you’d like to grow, rather than ones that you’d like to change.

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