Power struggles. Understanding the cycle of creative life force.

As Mars draws back to Aries, it’s natural seat at the start of the zodiac, I too am sensing a rounding back to home base, with my Natal Mars nestled there itself. When I first began to decipher and experience each element of my Natal Chart, it was discovering the cycle of Mars that had me understand my power and hand it straight back to me.

At first it was the Moon that had me come to grips with the waxing and waning of the minutiae of my femininity, as each month she went through her motions. After some time, I sensed a greater, lengthier cycle underpinning it all that both drove me and debilitated me, were I not to respect it. As I calculated backwards my 24 month rounds of rise and retreat, I saw the energy of Mars in me, potent, sitting both in Aries and retrograde in my own birth chart.

Initially I wondered how could I connect with this god of war, archetype of anger and selfish Arian, but laying aside these crude silhouettes is the spark of each individuals personal power. Mars, more eloquently, draws out our creative force, initiative, willpower and instinctual drive. Unconscious; it writhes and lashes. Consciously channelled; it is laser-like strength. With the opportunity of each cycle of a planet, is an opportunity to begin again or in the case of Mars, to reignite. The new moon asks to cast our hopes and dreams to grow full in the 6 months to come though. Perhaps more powerful than this quick succession of the moon phases over a calendar, Mars asks how I will externalise, create, bring to action and follow through. If any such cycle could lead to the manifest and the material, it’s surely this one.

In 6 months time, as the intentions laid at that Natal conjunction come to it’s first square, it is met with a tension that wants to birth and create. A struggle and stalemate that pushes the unneeded away, or that which is not ready to be fulfilled back into the unconscious; to process or manifest in another way at a later date, maybe in this life, or the next. What is sustained, necessary and needed is brought in with all the pains and challenges of any birth. With tension comes traction and this first square provides the canals for this change.

One year on as we reach an opposition. full fruits of our labours ripen and externalise. It’s here we can experience and really understand the fullness of what it is we were working so hard for; both in it’s glory and its gore. Here our natural ebb of energy and life force can be its lowest, as the transiting Mars is the furthest away from our natural wellspring of energy. At this juncture can redirect the course of our willpower to better refine the outcome we were propelling towards. With any luck the sheer momentum of a conscious vested interest during the first half has oiled the track ahead of us as we complete the cycle.

This allows our slide toward the final crux - the three quarter square. Here we prune, prioritise and perfect as the needless becomes too greater load to burden. While that which flows with our new assimilated mode of being and more importantly 'doing' becomes a natural state. The dynamic tension here again pushes us for a full realisation or resolve of these goals before we finally loosen there reigns and reach a plateau whereupon both our successes and failures driven by our own willpower to encounter them has shaped us anew. And so we draw back to the beginning of the cycle once more.

The 2 year cycle of Manifesting Mars really sits at a pivotal range of time. More than those 6 month short term gains that are far too quick to make a definitive mark, though less than half of those 5 year plans whose markers are so spread apart we are unrecognisable people when we look back on them. The cycle of Mars really is of tangibility, results and reshaping reality. How will you spend it?

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