Isolation Inspiration

Quality content is at a premium right now and while we could sit there refreshing the news every 5 minutes, forever scrolling on Instagram, Facebook etc the internet is a hugely underused resource to learn, grow, contemplate and connect. You are what you eat!

I feel this shift is wholeheartedly pushing us into the Aquarian age with greater technological connectedness and ideology we are all #inthistogether and #alonetogether - VERY Aquarian.


My feminist book club met up virtually this Tuesday just been and with a glass of wine in hand spoke as bravely about desire and sexuality as we would have been in the same room. I couldn’t recommend finding an online book club enough. Most recently we’ve covered Ocean Vuong's On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous, Lisa Taddeo’s Three Women and The Handmaidens Tale - all amazing. Please remember if you are buying books at this time to support those independent businesses, like Burley Fisher, that are really struggling to fight their way through this turbulent change.

I am slowly working my way through this list of epic Guardian long reads. Plenty of them are available in podcast format if you prefer to listen and absorb as you tinker around the house.


I’ve found lots of great Spotify playlists to listen to while I stay busy about the house like this Low Fi Hip Hop Playlist, Latino Tilt, Pure Dance Organica and Old School RnB.

Waking up is funnest to NTS The Do!! You!! Breakfast Show with Charlie Bones or taking in more ambient low-fi show Music to Ease your Disease. Yeah!

I put all of my own yoga playlists on Spotify - you can find me here!


I’ve also really enjoyed watching Jane Campion’s Bright Star on John Keats and the romance that inspired his romanticism and Mystify about Michael Hutchence life. Amongst some infinite Netflix scrolling I took a bet on Jim and Andy - The Great Beyond a behind the scenes doc on the making of Man on the Moon that takes method acting to a next level, amazing. I love this documentary on Nature lover Edward Szelkevy and philosopher in Journey of a Thousand Meditations by Tish Streeten.


I’ve been spending 20 minutes everyday learning the ukulele from YouTube videos, something that I always told myself I would do but have never set the time aside to take in. Until now!

I’m also making my way through Masterclass slick online learning.

For deeper inquiry and reflection Byron Katies - The Work is structured journaling as a meditation and for the last 6 months I have been working through workshops with spiritual teacher Everest Asher, not for the fainthearted but rather for those ready to be empowered.


Podcasts are my bread and butter spending probably more time commuting around London than I do anything else. Here are some of my favourite podcasts and episodes of all time.

Amazing therapist Esther Perel examines the heart of relationships with Where should we begin?

BBC In our Time Philosophy - An amazing back catalogue exploring all philosophical traditions by Melvin Bragg

Living Yin by Dr Truth Robinson has a few episodes poetically explaining some principles concepts of the Chinese medicine tradition.

How to fail is great and I particularly love this episode with Alain de Botton.

My all time favourite episode is Zadie Smith on the Toure Show. A natural flowing conversation that just shows what an incredibly woman she is.

Peoples Landscapes by the National Trust just has a few episodes that delve into historical events in Britain England and the landscape that shaped them.

Yoga Online

There is a deluge of online yoga live streaming and pre-recorded. With a surplus of time I have found I am practicing more than ever. I am so enjoying the connectivity of live streaming with the studios I frequent and teach at knowing not only am I supporting these small businesses but also the freelance teachers that are having to adapt what they do quicker than ever to this changing landscape and new online world (like me!). The response by small businesses to adapt and turn their offerings digital has wow’ed me in the last couple of weeks.

East of Eden have 70+ classes per week including pilates and yoga for kids. Supply is a social enterprise and their profit goes to supplying yoga to people who otherwise couldn't access a studio environment. Yonder are offering £5 live classes!

After pausing to consider what to offer online amongst he flood of wondrous new online offerings my heart is with yin and really i’d love an opportunity to delve deeper into philosophy, meditation and creative yoga nidra with yin. Join me at 8pm on Wednesdays via Zoom by Donation, email me for the link to sign up.

I’ve long enjoyed Leo Cosendai’s sound meditation app Third Ear and my good friend and Gong master Simone Selvatico has just an abundance of recordings for you to dissolve into. I love Insight Timer for guided meditation and yoga nidra as well as The Breathing App, see Resonance Breathing by ashtangi Eddie Stern.

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